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Organized by the NGO ACWT 
(alias TDMES, 'AIDS children world tour', created by Ludovic Zahed who itself is HIV since his teenagehood), in association with her sister orgtanizations throughout the world  -

The 1st international meeting of the children living with  HIV/AIDS shall gather in Versailles (Yvelines, 10 minutes from Paris 'Notre-dame'), more than fifteen children from all the planet (India, Russia, Poland, Algeria, Morocco etc.) infected by HIV.

     The aim of this 1st meeting aims is to alert the public opinion on the existence of these children living with AIDS. This situation requires means adapted to the specific needs of these children, as well as joint actions at a world level, that our network of international organizations plans to support.

    It is also an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these children to understand that they are not the only ones affected by this disease. It is a question of encouraging the oldest which wish to create groups of support, to begin to conceive their project. This 1st international IMCA | 2009 could contribute to federate children's new generation affected by this chronic disease, which could grow by bringing to the world their unique experiment of their fight against the virus, but also against discriminations and segragations that come along  HIV / AIDS  desease.

      For this week, children of India, Poland, Algeria (etc.), and their adults guides will be welcomed and will follow a cultural program (with the visit of several museums and sites of the capital), but  also an artistic one around creative workshops. An auction of the works so produced by the children will be organized at the conclusion of this week, all the profits of that event shall be given back to the organizations that participate to that the IMCA.

 This first meeting was organized by the NGO  ACWT and her  sister organizations throughtout the whole world. ACWT (alias TDMES) aims at helping children infected or affected by HIV / AIDS. Our actions are based on four pillars : 

  1. Research on AIDS orphans faith throughout the world, and strategies which work for their wel-fare in more than 25 countries.
  2. Trainings of sister organizations in the world and sharing information about good practices.
  3. Organization of events to alert the public opinion and raise fundings to help those children, building schoos, clinics, and orhanages.
  4. Creation surveillance pools in the world, a vast network which will allow all of us before 2010, to generate a precise representation of the best way to help these children, infected or affected by the pandemic of the HIV / AIDS.

        We are thankful to all the organizations and the partners that  helped to realize this project, thanks to the teachers and kids-trainers of the city of Nanterre, to the primary school teachers of the city of Montigny-le-Bretonneux, a big thanks to ComviaNET for their great tehcnical support, many thanks to Flora Larger for its advice in communication, to Sami Batikh for his dedication, to Philippe Pennec for his advice in the field of artistic realization, thanks to all the councillors of TDMES, thanks to all the others !

All details of the  IMCA | 2009,  here ...

IMCA  -  programm, here ...

ACWT   |  alias  'Tour du Monde des Enfants du Sida'
–   PARIS     APRIL  2009

On our travel blog, you shall learn how the adventure was really jeopardized in South America in particular. But fortunately, about nine months after its launch, the AIDS children world tour project came to an end on the 5th of June, 2009. Check out  the travel blog :
in América | in Africa.
(texts in French, translation available)


After two years of studies among whom nine months on the field, we plan the publication of our annual report by the 1st of December, 2009 (international day against AIDS)

A short preview here, our mini-report about
AIDS children on the Indian subcontinent  (India - Pakistan ).

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Because we do not stop repeating it, these children are just like all the others,
they need to gather together,
to laugh and be loved.

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